What we  offer to you

At RustingRam, we design a unique menu for each event. On the Menus page, we have included some menus from previous events, to help you begin to frame some ideas for what you might enjoy. We specialize in Southwestern and Mediterranean cuisines, but have a wide scope of many regional and ethnic dishes. By creating a custom menu for your event, we can prepare a meal specifically for your cullinary preferences and accomodate any dieatary restrictions. We are also not tied to any one venue. We would gladly cater your event at any of the local VRBO's, event centers, or even at your favorite mountain meadow.


Catering Since


Steve and Michael both began their restuarant carreers as teenagers, and bring many years of diverse experience to the table. We met in March of 2000, and decided to start our business together in April of 2004. Since then, we have been part of helping people celebrate special occasions. As of Spring of 2016, we decided to take our summer-seasonal business and expand it to year-round.

There are a lot of things we are passionate about--skiing, backpacking, climbing mountains, playing on the river--and of course, good food! It all starts with quality ingredients, something we learned from a lifetime of gardening, home cooking, and working in a variety of restaurants. Whenever possible we source ingredients locally for quality, freshness, and to help the local food economy.