Sample Menus







Wild mushroom risotto

Caramelized sweet onion tarts

(gluten free corn and rice flour)


(salad of gold peppers, tomato, cucumber, and scallion with fresh mint, parsley, and cilantro, served with a lemon vinaigrette)


Avocado salad

Spicy mixed nuts: almonds, cashews, and pine nuts

Grilled kabobs: chicken and seafood (shrimp, scallops)

Curried fresh pea salad

Fresh fruit salad with simple syrup and herbs

Chocolate fountain with fresh fruit

Seasoned olives

Grilled vegetable mélange:  squash, peppers, onion, and eggplant




Saffron-white wine braised scallop brochettes

Grilled chicken and spicy lamb kabobs

Tzatziki (cucumber-yogurt dipping sauce for both scallops and lamb)

Mini crepes rolled with asparagus spears and Boursin cheese

Tapenade and roasted garlic-eggplant dips with toasted pita chips

Tomato, basil, and fresh mozzarella in phyllo cups

Fattoush (salad of gold peppers, tomato, cucumber, and scallion with fresh mint, parsley, and cilantro, served with a lemon vinaigrette)

Chocolate covered strawberries and crème fraiche in phyllo cups





Tray of sliced imported cheeses (Manchego, Danish blue, Morbier, brie or St. Andre, Fontina, etc)

with fresh fruit (apples, pears, grapes)

Toasted sourdough baguette

Smoked duck with tomato relish on polenta

Curried lamb and onion phyllo triangles

Steak brochettes with wild mushroom sauce

Vanilla and almond-mocha Bavarian bouchées






Organic fruit kabobs



Salad of mixed organic greens with julienne carrots, English cucumber, blueberries, and almonds served with citrus vinaigrette


Herbed focaccia with olive oil

Vegetable mélange of roasted squash, peppers, eggplant, garlic, and caramelized onion

Heritage bean cassoulet

Wild mushroom risotto






Salad of mixed greens with garden vegetables and choice of dressings


Southwest Saltimbocca

Choice of chicken breast or boneless pork chop stuffed with proscuitto, provolone, and fresh sage, served with an ancho-apricot cream sauce


Wild mushroom rice pilaf

Steamed broccoli

Homemade dinner rolls


Orange pound cake with chocolate frosting





Roasted corn chowder

Salad of mixed spring greens and mache with steamed haricots verts and red wine vinaigrette


Grilled marlin steaks served with Mediterranean tomato relish

Lemon seared asparagus

Orange risotto

Dinner rolls


Chocolate covered strawberries




Cold smoked wild sockeye salmon with lemon and capers

Sourdough baguette

Artichoke dip


Salad of mixed greens with cranberries, walnuts, crumbled cheese, and citrus vinaigrette


Ribeye steaks with wild mushroom demi-glace

Garlic mashed potatoes

Roasted winter vegetables


Almond-mocha crème brûlée







Antipasti tray

Fresh fruit tray

Sliced sourdough baguette


Salad of mixed greens, seasonal berries, pine nuts, blue cheese crumbles, and lemon vinaigrette


Chipotle-citrus glazed pork tenderloin

BBQ brisket

Rosemary roasted potatoes

Grilled squash medley

Dinner rolls







Fajita Bar:


Strips of chicken, steak, and tofu/wild mushroom

Sautéed onions and peppers

Vegetarian refried beans

Flour tortillas

Chipotle-citrus sauce

Cilantro-lime rice

Sour cream

Grated cheddar

Pico de gallo and chips

Black bean and roasted corn salad

Southwest slaw






Sweet chili rubbed grilled pork and chicken

Chipotle-citrus sauce

Grilled vegetables (squash, onion, pepper, and eggplant)

Wild mushroom and herb risotto

Salad of fresh greens and vegetables, with homemade vinaigrette

Sage-coriander cornbread


Orange flan






Salad of mixed spring greens, apple, toasted pine nuts, and lemon vinaigrette


Grilled prime dry-aged New York strip

Grilled vegetable mélange of portabella mushrooms, tomato, sweet onion, red peppers, and squash

Potato gratin with mild green chilies

Roasted corn and black bean salad

Sun-dried tomato and asiago focaccia


Homemade double fudge brownies with Dulce de Leche Haagen Dazs




(served as small plates in 4 courses)


Homemade corn and flour tortilla chips with guacamole and pico de gallo

Fresh seasonal fruit

Signature drink:  vodka with pomegranate-citrus punch


Goat cheese, rosemary, roasted pepper, and onion quesadillas


Southwestern slaw (shredded cabbage with poblano peppers, fresh lime, and cilantro)

Sweet chili dusted grilled shrimp with mayo verde

Basket of cornbread muffins


Salad of gold peppers, tomato, jicama, scallion and cilantro, served with a lemon-sage vinaigrette

Beef medallions with chipotle-citrus sauce






Sausage stuffed mushroom caps

Veggie spring rolls



Asian salad (mixed sweet greens with vegetables, rice noodles, and sesame-ginger vinaigrette)


Seasoned, baked wild salmon

Prime Rib au jus with horseradish sauce

Saffron rice

Vegetable mélange (broccoli, julienne carrots, red pepper, scallions, and water chestnuts)

Twice baked potatoes (stuffed with cheese, bacon, and scallions, served with butter and sour cream)


Dinner rolls with honey butter



These are some menus that we have done for various events in the past. We hope that this gives you some ideas to work with. When we create a menu for you, it will be uniquely crafted to meet your personal cullinary preferences. Please give us a call or send an email, and we can begin to create an experience for your special occasion.